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Exotic Preorder for the Portal, Minithicc, and Worry Coin


W and zirc are currently in production at the new shop.  WIP photos will be posted as soon as I receive them.


The shop has sent all Mokume spinners and they have been refinished.  All mokume only spinner orders have been shipped.  I'm told Mokume coins are done and should be shipping to me to be finished this week.  They only thing I cannot get a solid update on is the Tungsten and Zirc that were sent back to be remade.  I'm giving the shop until next Friday 10/11/19 to ship the remade parts or I'm having them remade by another shop to fulfill orders.  I apologize about the wait times on this preorder.  This shop has done good work for the last two run I had them do then dropped the ball miserably on this one.  I've secured a new shop regional to me to handle future product runs so this situation will not be repeated in the future. 


I should have shipping confirmation for the mokume this Friday and an update for the lead time for redoing the zirc and w as well.


While looking over the zirc and tungsten that has been received there are multiple issues ranging from chips in the tungsten to uneven flats on the zirc parts.  Parts received are being returned and should be remade behind the Mokume that is currently in process.  All labels have been printed which automatically sends everyone with an order an email with tracking info.  That tracking number will remain good but will only show movement once all pieces have been heat treated (zirc and mokume) and grouped with the rest of the order.  Folks who ordered only Tungsten will ship as soon as they've been remade and shipped.  All orders will ship but it going to be later then we all want.  I appreciate everyone's support an patience though this debacle.  


I've received and gone though the W and Zirc.  They are shipping to Phil tomorrow for finish work.  The Mokume is in process and I'm awaiting further updates on when it is suppose to be shipping to me.


The new batch of Mokume is at the machinist. I should have updates and pics of it tonight so I'm told. I'll post those up tomorrow. The preorder is officially going to run late, I'm hoping that "late" will only be a couple of weeks because After I go through them I have to send them to Phil. All grouped orders will stay together. Pretty much everything on the run requires secondary work, the few that don't will be some of the tungsten spinners/coins and those will ship out as soon as I check them.


The good news is that Tungsten and Zirc are currently being machined and should be finished this week, pictures should follow.  However, it looks like they ran into some issues with the mokume supplier.  The first batch came in with voids and the second batch had fewer voids but debonded.  Mokume stock for a new supplier is inbound to the shop and hopefully, the third time will be the charm.  Technically still on track for late May/early June but i's looking more like early June at this point.  I'm not happy about the Mokume issues but I'd rather it run a bit behind and be able to deliver the best possible product.


All materials have been received and cut by the machinist and are waiting to go into production.  Everything is still running on schedule.


Material orders have been placed.  Zirc has been received and the blanks have been cut.  Mokume and Tungsten should be at the machinist next week.


Preorder ended.